Go to http://bit.ly/AITRL07-Setup to view a demo of the download

To download the AITRL package go to http://bit.ly/AITRL07

Download the AITRL file and a shortcut will be created on your desktop. 

1: Click on the shortcut to open the menu



Click on the Edit Reward Function option to change the inputs shown highlighted below. 


Once you have edited the parameters shown highlighted and ready to train the model make sure you click on ALT X to save.  Close the open editor window and proceed to train your model. 


Proceed to train your model by click on the Play button as shown below.  

Be prepared to let your model run for several hours to keep learning until it ultimately makes it around the track.  Once you have a successful run and ready to submit, go back to the menu and click submit model.  


If you run into any issues click on Report Bug and it will send a log file to our support team.